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Interviews, Interviews, Interviews.

We just finished up shooting some interviews for the project. Unfortunately, Keri is home in Minnesota for the summer, so it was just Kimmel and I…


Our studio for the shoot was my basement, with an elegant Blake Kimmel design canvas backdrop. Despite the mom ‘n pop wood panel walls, it certainly did the trick.


The project is coming along great. Our original plan of releasing the series by the end of July, looks like it was rather farfetched. However, we’re shooting for the end of August by the latest. Its been rather difficult to balance school, life, and Just Passing Thru.


Here’s a view of the Just Passing Thru office, which also serves as my room. As you can see, we’re equipped with a brand new Mac Pro and other electronic trinkets. Also, our trailer should be ready in the near future, so check back at to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in our neck of the woods…

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Woodward at Copper

Last Monday, July 20th, we made a trip to Woodward at Copper to shoot the closing segment of the project. Our original plans consisted of an earlier trip to this summer ski destination. However, due to some conflicts, we had been unable to stop by and check out what Woodward had to offer. As a result, we pushed our visit to Copper back to late July; nearly one month after the end of the trip. This also coincided with Woodward’s grom week, which was sponsored by Jiberish.


Interior view of “The Barn” at Woodward…


Our trip began on Sunday, July 29th, when Pete Drago (one of the owners of Jiberish), picked me up from my home in Boulder, Colorado. Venturing up to the camp, we met with the kids who were attending Woodward this session (ages eight through ten). 


Woodward’s staff led a stretch amongst the kids prior to letting them loose in the barn. Safety first here at Woodward…


This could quite possibly be one of the best bowl cuts I’ve ever witnessed…


Following the orientation session on Sunday night, we found our home for the night at “The Edge,” Copper’s staff housing. Here, Drago seems a little tuckered out after a fun filled evening of playing in the Barn at Woodward…


The following morning, we awoke to a beautiful day and sunny skies, something we aren’t typically used to here at Just Passing Thru


We jumped in a bus and made our way up to the hill. Sadly, being the end of July, much of Copper’s snow had already melted, leaving the park severely diminished…


Here is Copper’s jump line as of July 20th. Had we been here a month earlier (as originally planned), we could have found a much more significant jump…


A view of the lower half of Copper’s run, late July. Blake gives a friendly wave…


Kimmel slides one of the down rails with his boots. One word: progression…


Here’s an example of some of the skiers attending grom week here at Woodward. The little guy is working that pizza stop…


Following our morning on snow, we ventured over to the barn to continue our day of play. Kimmel signs his life away prior to heading up to the trampolines…

While we arrived a little late to hit some of the larger features of the summer, we still had a great time throwing on our gear and making a few turns. Stay tuned to for some more updates on the project.

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Heading Home

After five horrendous weather days in Whistler, we awoke to an absolutely perfect day. No clouds to be seen, and only beautiful rays of sunshine. IMG_9892 Unfortunately, despite the beautiful weather, we were scheduled to start our trek back home to Colorado. Packing up the Subaru, Ryann, Kerri and I jumped in, and started our lengthy drive home.  Since we had stayed longer in Whistler in hopes of some better weather, we decided to forgo our original plans of stopping in Yellowstone, and head right home. IMG_9910 Keri started the first leg of the trip in a rather crowded back seat. She claimed that she was comfortable, doubt it… IMG_0139 After dropping Ryann off at the Vancouver airport, we made our way towards the border, where we sat in a line of slowly moving cars for close to an hour and a half. If you’re looking for a scooter, give these guys a call… IMG_0140 We made a short pit stop in Seattle to grab some delicious grub at the Seattle Center. Mostly we just wanted to check out the Space Needle one last time… IMG_0141 After a quick lunch at the Grecian Corner, we jumped back in the car and kept rolling towards Colorado. IMG_0151 The drive thru Eastern Washington was tedious at times. We took several unplanned detours and saw a whole lot of flat landscape. IMG_0152 Construction seems to be a prominent theme throughout the entire Northwest during this time of year. IMG_0691 We arrived in the Park City region just as the sun was coming up. Originally planning on sleeping a few hours there, we simply kept driving towards Colorado. After 31 hours straight in the Subaru, I had dropped Keri off in Breckenridge and finally made it home to Boulder. The first installment of Just Passing Thru ended after 4,000 miles of driving through five different states and one Canadian province. It was a great trip and we captured some excellent footage. I picked up a brand new Mac Pro from the Apple store today and am working on getting our 32 hours of footage compiled and organized. Stay tuned to for B-Roll edits and info on when the final series will drop. We’re shooting to get ‘er done by the end of the month… Thanks for following our adventures at, keep dropping by the site to stay up to date with what’s going on with Just Passing Thru…

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Just Passing Thru Whistler

After two days of rainy Whistler weather, the clouds finally broke, and some rays of sunshine began to peek through the mass of gloom overhead. We immediately made our way to the base of Blackcomb mountain, anticipating the lengthy journey to Horstman Glacier and the site of Momentum Ski Camps.


As we began to gather our gear, we quickly realized that Keri’s ski boots were no longer in the car. Apparently I had unloaded them back during our stay at Da Hood House, forgetting to put them back in the Subaru. We quickly resolved the problem with a trip to the Salomon store at the base of Whistler mountain.


Rental boots and all, we shlepped our gear up three ski lifts and one bus ride to reach the top of Blackcomb mountain.


Keri and Charlie, one of our videographers during our stay in Whistler, check out the menu for our next few days of skiing. During this time, we had the pleasure of skiing with the likes of Corey Vanular, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, TJ Schiller, Peter Olenick, Matt Margets, Joe Schuster, Mike Henituk, and many others. One highlight being Vanular stomping his first double flatspin ever.


Pro skier: TJ Schiller…




Heading down the lift after a fun day of skiing with Henituk. Just hanging loose in Whis…



Whistler village looms below.


On our walk back to the day lots, we stopped by the dirt track to watch some biking. Unfortunately we didn’t see any tail whips…


Ryann, my girlfriend, jumped on a plane and met us while we were passing through Whistler.


One of the challenges for a Momentum Ski Camp scavenger hunt was to get a kiss from Meg Olenick. Meg loves kissing little boys…

Check back at for further updates on our adventure back to Colorado and other info associated with Just Passing Thru.

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Wet Whistler Weather

We’ve currently been shacked up at the Sundial for the last two nights. Located right in the heart of Whistler village, we’re only a short walk from all that Whistler has to offer. (** To anyone who may be interested in staying at the Sundial during their stay in Whistler, please read the following: Do not stay at the Sundial! They tried to throw on a variety of extra bills upon our check out. None of which should have been there.**)


Here’s the lovely view from our balcony. Unfortunately, as can be seen in the above image, Whistler has been perpetually covered with a menacing rain cloud since our arrival in the area.  As a result, we’ve been able to do very little skiing. I’ve turned to jumping in puddles and consuming far too much food and delicious beverages as my daily activities.


Here Josh Bibby exemplifies the proper puddle jumping form and technique.


Walking around the village I ran into many friends. Most notable was my encounter with Justin Dorey. We had matching outfits.

Picture 1

As I sit here writing this post, I can hear the rain falling outside. Keri is still fast asleep on the couch, and it appears that we have absolutely nothing to do today as we wont be skiing. However, looking at the weather forecast, it appears that tomorrow we’re being served up an order of mostly sunny skies and a balmy temperature of 70 degrees.

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Leaving Bainbridge

Our visit with the Burns family proved to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable segments of our trip. During our stay, we took part in the Freemont Summer Solstice, enjoyed food at Ivar’s Fish Bar, strolled through the Pike Place Market, flew around Seattle on a B-24 Bomber, and took the ferry a total of four times.

On our final morning at Bainbridge, we woke up to a beautiful sunny day and a majestic view of Mt. Rainier looming in the distance. 



These shots were taken right from Wheels’ back yard.


Prior to our departure, we decided to take some short rides on Blue, the Burn’s pony.


After some pony rides, we jumped on the ferry and made our way over to Seattle en route for British Columbia and the Whistler area. 


Nothing like a nice view of the Seattle skyline.

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The Best Day, Ever!

Today could have quite possibly been the best day, ever…

After a peaceful night’s stay at the Burn’s family house, we woke up and made our way to Seattle via the ferry.


After a short ride, we were greeted by Wheel’s father, Mike. Jumping in the car, we made our way to a nearby airstrip where a B-24 Bomber awaited our arrival. 


This beauty of a plane goes by the name of Witchcraft, and is the only current operating B-24 in the world. Wheel’s Uncle Pat and his lovely girlfriend Sherri were also on hand to take part in this exciting Monday adventure. 


Mike and Uncle Pat’s father flew a total of 44 flights during WWII in one of these very planes. 44 flights into combat!


After today, Wheels and Keri have done a total of one flight in a B-24.


Witchcraft also came fully rigged with some serious WWII weaponry. Unfortunately there wasn’t any ammo.


After a quick tutorial, the crew was ready to take off.


Uncle Pat and Sherri cozied up in some comfortable floor seating prior to liftoff.


Once we were in the air, we were free to move about the plane. Witchcraft was our new playground, ready to be explored.


To get from one end of the plane to the other, we had to squeeze down this narrow catwalk. Notice the bombs on either side. Don’t worry, we didn’t drop them…


Keri crawls down to a lower turret to take an aerial look of Seattle. 


Wheels was rather excited to see her home, Bainbridge Island. Who wouldn’t be?

After our eventful morning flight, we roamed the streets of Seattle, taking a short lunch break to eat some delicious Ivar’s for the second time in two days. I got a double walking.If that doesn’t make any sense to you, make sure to check out Ivar’s the next time you’re in Seattle. 


After our day-trip to Seattle, we returned to the lovely Burn’s residence for a true PNW dinner of grilled salmon. This is a little self portrait I took of myself while swinging on one of the best rope swings ever created.


Wheel’s mother Darden was nice enough to play the piano for us following dinner. Be sure to check for her music in our upcoming video release.


Following the piano recital we spent some time relaxing around the house.


In addition to the best rope swing ever created, the Burn’s also have the best swing-set ever created.


After an adventurous swinging experience, we made our way to town to grab some ice cream and check out the sunset. What a perfect way to end the best day, ever…

Tomorrow we plan to wake up early and ride some ponies, play with chickens, and then head for Whistler. Be sure to check back in the near future for further updates.

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Venturing up to Washington!

Sunday, June 21, Keri and I dropped Blake off at the Portland airport. He’s off to work a week at the LA Film Festival, chasing celebrities around the red carpet and beyond. With only the two of us in the car, we certainly felt significantly roomier. However, Blake certainly will be missed.

At roughly 10:00 AM, Keri and I began our adventure up to Whistler, BC. Rather than doing the originally planned coastal route, we did a straight whole shot up to Seattle, WA on route 5 to visit with my good friend Amelia “Wheels” Burns and some of her family. Arriving in Seattle by 1:30 PM, Keri and I had some time to kill while we waited for Wheels. Having never really been to Seattle, we immediately directed ourselves towards the Space Needle and the surrounding Seattle Center.


Keri stands below a towering tower of fun.


We found parts of the Seattle Center rather interesting as we crossed paths with robots and other strange sites. After some time exploring the area, Wheels made it to Seattle and encouraged us to head down to Freemont to check out their Summer Solstice event that was going on.


Boy, oh boy, was the festival exciting. We roamed the streets for a few hours, taking in the sites to be seen, and exploring the Summer Solstice. Ian at the Cliff Bar stand recognized us and was nice enough to award us with a few packs of delicious bars for the road. Thanks Ian!


Check out this interestingly decorated dog; he was great (Sorry for such a mediocre photo, I was stumbling around in a hurry to snap this image).

After some time in Freemont, Wheels led us to the ferry dock en route to her lovely home on Bainbridge Island. We jumped on our vessel and feasted on some Ivars Fish ‘n Chips. 


The views of Seattle and the surrounding area were exquisite.


Simply stunning…


Here’s our tour guide for the next day, Amelia “Wheels” Burns.


Keri takes a quick photo of Wheels as we cruise towards Bainbridge Island.


Once again, simply stunning…

After a short ferry ride we reached the shores of Bainbridge Island. Wheels and her parents gave us a tour around her house, it’s absolutely magnificent. 


This is the view from the back of their house. Not bad at all…


Wheel’s mother Darden, shows off her beautiful garden to us. I’m rather jealous as my measly garden back in Colorado looks nothing like this.

After a nice little tour around the Burn’s family abode, we cozied up and had our first good-nights sleep in quite some time. This morning we head off to fly around in a B-24 Bomber from WWII. Yep, you read that right…

Check back at for more updates in the near future!

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Just Passing Thru Hood

Looks like we’re about done with passing through the Mt. Hood area. It certainly has been quite the mixture of weather as we’ve experienced everything from sun, rain, wind, and fog. Our first two days started off great with sunshine and some great skiing.


Here I am just passing through the Timeberline parking lot en route to a lovely day of skiing. 


During our time here we skied with “bunch” pros. Here’s Mike Hornbeck ready to drop into the public park jump line.


The Flanagan family was on site with us for the week, making it happen on and off the slopes. Here are Seamus (age 12) and Paddy (age 10).


For the first part of our stay in the Hood area, we camped by the shores of Trillium Lake. Our neighbor, Jeff Java, was a professional musician and let us record a few tracks for our upcoming video release. 


Keri is so into mustaches…


Unfortunately, on the third day of our adventures in Hood, our stay at the shores of Trillium Lake were interrupted by severe rains. We awoke to a leaking tent and a messy campsite. After a two hour clean up, we found ourselves at home inside the Cozy Cabin Cafe in Welches, Oregon for a day off. It was the perfect place to be with free public wi-fi, delicious mac-n-cheese, and other wholesome comfort food.


We quickly bunked up with the Level 1 Productions crew where we spent much of our time at Da Hood House.


Level 1′s Kyle Decker goes through some shots with Phil Casabon, Mike Hornbeck, and Henrik Harlaut.


We also made a pleasant trip to Windell’s to do some skating in Bob, which is the indoor training facility at the camp. 


Henrik Harlaut skates the mini-ramp…


Mike Hornbeck drops ‘er down…


Kimmel and I get the shot of Level 1′s Freedle Coty. Notice the shotgun mic. I’m totally meant to be a grip… 


Bob is home to indoor trampolines, skate parks, and foam pits. All around it’s just a pretty darn good time. In case you’re wondering what that floating grey ball is around the middle of the frame, that’s Tom Wallisch. Yep, the actual Tom Wallisch. He can double flip, no big.

Tomorrow morning we take Kimmel to the Portland Airport so he can catch his flight to the LA Film Festival. There he will be doing some video work on the red carpet and dealing with “bunch” celebs. Keri and I head up to Bainbridge Island for the night en route to the Whistler area and some more skiing. Stay tuned to for more info on the trip…

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A Day With Salomon In Photos


Jenny, the Salomom, was our tour guide for the day.


John Symms joined us for some fun as well, adorned with only his blackberry phone, a camera, a string cheese, and a pear. Always prepared.


Keri and I do our best to reenact this glorious mural.


Our first stop was a trip to the newly opened Jib Yard.


Keri and I are ready to go hit the indoor slopes.


The Salomon Center is home to a continuous wave pool, an arcade, a bowling alley, a mini putt course, and an indoor skydiving tube.


Our first adventure in the Salomon Center was a ride on the continuous wave pool. Blake Kimmel lines up a shot.


Symms dressed to impress in pink. Nice looking muscles.


We’re ready to rip.


Symms lines up his drop in. Looking good…


Symms getting after it.


I wasn’t too great at the surfing, so I stuck to the boogie board.


Getting sprayed down on our walk back to the drop in ramp.


Rock climbing!


We made the drive to Boise en route to Mt. Hood. We arrived in Boise just in time for a perfect sunset.

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